I'm an interdisciplinary web professional with 15 years of experience.

  • I've designed and prototyped web experiences and brought them to life.

  • I’ve coded PHP and architected schemas and doctypes.

  • I’ve programmed a custom CMS and created responsive WordPress themes.

  • I’ve managed Apache and untangled dependencies in Debian.

  • I’ve emailed 90,000+ prospects and then measured their engagement.

  • I’ve posted, commented, shared, liked, retweeted, and viewed.

  • I’ve managed projects, supervised employees, and mentored students.

  • I’ve designed postcards, advertisements, and billboards.

  • I love research and solving complex problems.

What can we do together?

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Photo Credit: Fey Ilyas via Compfight cc
Typography: Roboto via Google Fonts
Icons: Pace Social via Design Deck
Tech: Zurb Foundation 5 | Flexslider | Codebird

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